Body Somatics – Kansas City


Body Somatics is a modality of bodywork that addresses the overall wellness of an individual. Mental, spiritual, and emotional quality of life are improved through the medium of touch.  Quite often, negative feelings—fear, doubt, regret, loss, and jealousy—manifest themselves physically in the human body. Chronic pain, headaches, lower back pain, and tightness of the chest are just a few symptoms that one may experience as a result of unresolved negative emotions.  It is the acknowledgement of the whole system—mind, body and spirit—that allows Body Somatics to excel in the healing process by giving the human body the capability to achieve its homeostatic state. Body Somatics is about restructuring, realigning, and re-educating bodies in order to bring about a healthy, symbiotic relationship between mind and body.

Body Somatics clears the body, removes pain, restores natural movement and balance, and reestablishes the natural flow of energy. Energy flow throughout the body is a natural property of a healthy system. As a conduit of the energies of the universe, the body works much like a river, allowing energy to properly continue through time and space. Emotional dams, spiritual blocks and mental kinks upset the natural flow, causing obstructions manifested in physical pains. The power of touch with Body Somatics helps remove those obstructions and allows the energies to flow once again on their intended paths.

Trigger Point Therapy is an important component in the practice of Body Somatics. Trigger Points (TrP’s) are the painful knots and kinks one feels along the muscle or connective tissue, once eloquently described as an “exquisitely tender spot in a taut band of the muscle.” Trigger Point Therapy is put in practice by applying direct pressure to the nodes in an attempt to de-activate these points. This direct pressure is generally applied with thumbs and elbows for precise contact, but it is quite common to use small hand tools as well.  The release of Trigger Points can relieve localized pain and restore the body’s overall homeostatic state to improve overall wellness.  Body Somatics utilizes Trigger Point Therapy as part of an integrated approach to physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

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