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Myofascial Release – Kansas City


Myofascial Release, also known as MFR, is a highly effective yet under-utilized modality of Massage Therapy. MFR therapy is a gentle and soothing technique that focuses on re-forming the body’s fascial system–the important network of connective tissue under the skin. MFR is about finding relief from chronic pain, allowing the body discover its homeostatic state, and utilizing the amazing healing qualities within each and every person. Neck pain, back pain, chronic pain, whiplash, migraines and headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, pelvic and menstrual problems, sciatica, shoulder problems and painful scars are just some of the problems that MFR addresses with its simple healing approach. Understanding what fascia is—as well as its purpose in the body—is the first step to realizing the potential of Myofascial Release Therapy for all.

Fascia is an all-encompassing, densely woven network of fibrous covering that is interwoven throughout the body. It covers everything within the body, including: muscles, bones, the nervous system, arteries, veins, and all internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. To get a proper understanding of fascia and its importance, imagine an orange that has just had its skin pulled back. Surrounding the meat of the fruit is the white, fibrous material that is holding the fruit together, fully intertwined, and also protecting it. Interestingly, the fascial system is not just a collection of separate coverings; it is actually one continuous tapestry that extends from head to toe.  Recognizing the interconnected nature of the fascial system is of paramount importance for therapists and patients or clients.  Because the fascial system is integral to every body part and bodily system, it should be a key consideration in Massage Therapy.

MFR is a painless alternative to deep tissue massage—and has also been proven to be much more effective. The fascial system, when out of balance, becomes a rigid structure that forces the muscles and internal organs into an improper form, causing discomfort, pain, and general malaise. Regardless of how much effort is put towards the underlying muscles, the fascia will reshape all other soft tissue to the previous, untreated state. Myofascial restrictions can be caused by trauma, repetitive actions, inflammatory responses, surgical procedures, and even poor posture. These restrictions can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch. It is believed that an extremely high percentage of people suffering chronic pain and restricted range of motion are in fact having fascial issues, but most go undiagnosed.  Myofascial Release Therapy can address these underlying issues to provide long-term relief.

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